Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering


Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
2 years (82 teaching weeks)
Senior High School / 5.5 IELTS
$63,000 (approx tuition)
Tri-semesters: February / July / October
Air New Zealand Institute, Christchurch, New Zealand


About the Course

This EASA Part 147 approved B1.1 or B2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer training course is operated by Air New Zealand and is open to selected individual international applicants. 

This programme is operated by the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute which is owned by Air New Zealand – a major domestic and international airline with over 11,000 staff. The institute provides training to the staff of airlines, militaries and MROs from Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, as well as individuals seeking to up-skill or enter the aviation industry. The institute works collaboratively with the Air New Zealand airline Maintenance and Release department and all students will spend time experiencing this active workplace environment.

The first year of the programme provides practical hand skills including use of specialised aircraft maintenance tools and instruments in dedicated training workshop environment located in a major airport hangar. The second stage consolidates technical training and provides the theoretical knowledge required to meet the high standards of the EASA 

All students spend time in the Air New Zealand airline maintenance hangar to gain substantial insight of the management of aircraft overhaul in a major airline MRO environment.

To successfully pass the EASA programme, students must pass all practical assessments and module exams with a minimum grade of 75%. Attendance and training hour conditions may also apply. Successful completion of an EASA Part 147 approved training courses entitles the graduate to the maximum 3 year reduction of work experience required before being eligible for the EASA Part 66 B1.1/B2 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence. The usual requirement is 5 years of experience so this is a significant fast track to becoming a professional LAME.

Location: Air New Zealand Aviation Institute

Term: 2 years full time (82 training weeks)

Majors: In second year, students may choose to specialise in mechanical strand or avionics (electrical systems) strand.

Qualification: New Zealand Certificate III and European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) aligned Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. 

Tuition Fee and Other Costs

The tuition fee for this programme is currently NZ$62,100.

The deposit required upon booking is NZ$31,050 plus insurance.

Other costs include materials and equipment costs of approximately NZ$500 plus insurance and cost of living of approximately NZ$15,000 per year. You can find further information regarding living costs here>>.

What is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Aircraft engineers are a vital part of aviation safety- if aircraft are not maintained to a high standard, aviation safety is compromised. No aircraft takes to the skies anywhere without being checked and signed off by an engineer. If an exciting and interesting career working as part of a dynamic team, using state-of-the-art technology on some of the newest and most powerful machines on the planet is for you, there is no better job. Aircraft engineers are always in demand by airlines and aviation companies all over the world. Responsibilities of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer include:

  • Carry out maintenance and repairs of aircraft frames, engines, parts, electrical and control systems
  • Carry out pre-flight examinations and assessments of aircraft mechanical and electronic systems
  • Maintain, examine, repair and release a range of aircraft engines including jet engines
  • Manage a wide range of aircraft maintenance tools and equipment
  • Keep aircraft maintenance and release records
  • Understand and adhere to a wide range of occupational health and safety regulations
If you wish to undertake Aircraft Maintenance Engineer training, the following personal characteristics would be helpful.

  • I like making things by hand
  • I enjoy learning about machines and / or electrical systems
  • I have average or above ability in maths and physics (or willingness to learn)
  • I can concentrate on detail
  • I am usually well organised
  • I have basic self discipline and I am willing to behave in a mature, responsible manner

Links & Further information

Download the full ANZAI Brochure here>>
Download a sample placement test here>>
Take a virtual tour here>> (click the purple triangle to start)


Requirements for Entry

  • Senior high school certificate
  • Upper intermediate English level equal to 5.5 IELTS or higher
  • Good health and eye sight
  • No criminal record

Additional Requirements

Upon successful application, you will receive:

  • A detailed Application Form
  • An online placement test

In order to receive a formal Letter of Offer, you must follow all instructions and complete all forms correctly as well as pass the placement test. 

How To Apply


1. Is this the course for you?

Check the course details to make sure this is the course for you. We recommend that you also consult with your local aviation authority to ensure that you understand the cost and procedure for converting your overseas aviation qualifications upon your return home.

2. Are you eligible?

Check the Requirements section to make sure you meet the criteria to enter the course. If you need to upgrade your English or your academic background, we may be able to provide assistance.

3. Can you get a visa?

You need to make sure you are eligible to get a student visa so visit the website of the Immigration Department of your selected location and check the requirements for getting a student visa. Click here>> for further information about the New Zealand student visa.

4. Do you have sufficient funding?

In most cases, you will need to demonstrate that you have plenty of money to afford the course and the cost of living. Aviation training is a major financial investment so please do not undertake the course if this will cause you financial hardship. You must have at least enough money to cover the full cost of the first year of the course plus travel and the cost of living and insurance. 

Apply online

If you are eligible to join this course and you have your funding ready, please proceed to our online application form! Our simple online application form includes a Quick Guide section. Please read the guide first so you have everything correctly prepared before applying. After reading the guide, just contact us if you have any questions. Click the "Apply Now" button below to go to the application form and guide.